F2F Class Notes _5th May (Harmony)

I’m doing a job hunting and doing my stuffs as well –

Function Names:

Typical Office”:  most of the offices look similar to that one.

Typical: normal, same, regular

Ex:  Johnny is always late for work, that is typical behavior for him.

“Typical Floor Plan” /Layout

Basic = simple

Standard = this is the minimum, the basic level and you can add from there/ normal or regular.

Ex:  The standard internet package comes with ______.

  • Morals or ethics established by authority (law), quality control.

Ex:  Each export item must meet certain standards before being shipped.

Ex:  She broke up with her boyfriend because he didn’t meet her standards.

Basic Skills – the lower level, bare minimum.

Proficient – Can get the job done, is decent

Perfect/ Professional – is excellent at it

Delivery fee/ shipping fee/ shipping cost/ free shipping/ free delivery

Shipping:  a general term for any type of delivery (not necessarily a ship)


Apartment Building, Town House, Carriage House, Condo, Low Income Housing, Mansion, duplex

Carriage House:  when house owners split their property in two, so that they can build a small house in the back to rent out.  Sometimes it’s above a pre-existing garage, or a separate house completely.

Town House:  A smaller house that you can buy that is attached to another town house to save money.  Usually it’s a large complex filled with town houses.

Apartment / Flat= rent

Condo (condominiums)= an apartment that you buy.  (a fancy word for apartment)

Mansion (man – shun):  a huge house, rich people or celebrities, royalty.

Tenant: the person who rents the house/ apartment.

Ex:  I am now renting a house, and I am the tenant for my landlord.

Landlord:  the person who owns it, who is renting the apartment.

Duplex:  a type of smaller house where two houses are joined at one wall.