F2F Class Notes _5th May (Harmony)

Cut this relationship – break up/ end this relationship/ cut ties with this person

I had travel at this holiday I went to Xiamen this holiday./ I went travelling this past holiday

Even I am sad, we also will break up – If I’m sad, but it cannot help you anythings so you must know how to change your thinking to make yourself happy –  Although I am sad, there is nothing I can do to help it.  / There are no other options for me.


Every change I choose – every choice I make


Enough (eh – nuff) (no L)


Have the objective – accomplish the objective

Accomplish:  to finish

Ex:  I accomplished my goal of going to the gym every night this week.

Xiamen is very summerXiamen is very hot

After to do ExerciseAfter exercising

Roommate:  someone you live with, that is not family.

Ex:  I want to find a roommate.


Mouthwash (mouth – waSH)

Comb (com)

Pajamas (pah – jam – aas)

sensitive – adj. to describe when something is not strong or tough

ex: My skin is sensitive when I use new creams.