F2F Class Notes _2nd June (Harmony)

Make me a lot of distractionthere was a lot of distractions


Sociologists (so – see – all –oh – gists)

Women (weh-men)

Woman (wuh – men)

Grooming:  brushing hair/ cleaning yourself/ making yourself look presentable.

Eg.  I Have to take the dog to the groomer to get groomed.

Eg.  I don’t want to date a man that spend a lot of time grooming.

Readily: more quickly/ more likely/ we are ready to

Eg.  We more readily judge women = we quickly judge women/ we are more likely to judge women.

And so = therefore

Chicago (shi – ka – go)

Stratification:  the division of people based on rank, class (money, job, looks, family)

Class system/caste system:  dividing people based on different factors.

Biased (by – assed)

Halo (hay – low)

A whole assortment: a lot of different ways

Assortment/assorted:  mixed/ several different things

Potentially (puh/po – ten – shull – lee)

See-through:  anything that you can see to the other side of.

Cells:  the smallest part that make up something living.

Left behind:  didn’t go away.

Meant the woodThe colorless cells left behind made the wood become transparent

Insulating (in – sole – ay –ting/ in – suh – lay – ting):  keeping warm/ keeping hot.

Insulated coffee cup:  designed to keep your drink hot.

Biodegradable (bio – dee – grade – a – bull)

Wooden blocks:  small pieces of wood, usually in a square or rectangle.

Gasoline/gas powered = runs on gas

Battery powered = runs on a battery

Solar powered = runs off energy from the sun