F2F Class Notes _25th Apr (Harmony)

Both Chinese and foreigners are in the cocktail –  Both Chinese and Foreigners join the cocktail reception.

  • Makes me think the people are physically in a drink.

Cocktail dress:  a formal dress for women to wear.

Informal or dress in formal

Informal:  not formal

Ex:  They told me to dress informal, so I will not need a cocktail dress.

In formal: must wear formal wear.

Ex:  I have to dress formally, so I will go buy a dress.

 High heels:  women’s shoes that give you height.

“Little Black Dress” LBD:  a simple black dress that you can wear to any occasion.

Introduce yourself/ Handshake/ repeat their name back to them (helps you to remember it)

Handsomer – more handsome

They will serve snacksthey will provide/ serve appetizers


Appetizers:  food that is served before your main meal.  (appies)

Ex:  There are diverse types of appetizers.

Snacks—in English we think of junk food (chips etc.)

Meat in China – bones and cartilage is better

Meat in America/ Canda – no bones is better (unless it’s chicken wings and legs)

Franchise(noun):  a large brand sells the rights to their brand.

Ex:  McDonald’s owns their name and their menu, but someone could buy the right to open their own McDonalds.

Ex:  McDonald’s is going to sell their franchise in Asia.