F2F Class Notes _22nd Jan (Harmony)

purse/ handbag:  a woman’s bag to hold her personal goods. 

ex: Today I have a date with a boy, so I will take my favourite purse.    

girl stylegirly

blush: red or pink colouring for women’s cheeks.

ex:  I own blush that is packaged like it is for a princess.

ex:  I put blush on my cheeks to make me look more awake. 

it’s very fashionit’s very fashionable

high heels:  shoes with a lengthened heel on them to make women taller.

ex:  Today I wore shorts and high heels.

turn them back to the store – take them back to the store

mascara:  makeup to put on your eyelashes.

ex:  My eyelashes are not long, I use mascara to make them look longer. 

not so popular like these brands – not as popular as these brands.