F2F Class Notes _16th Mar (Harmony)

cat:  an animal (not dog)

job position = job title

he wants to stay himselfhe wants to stay by himself

want he can have puppies  We want to let him mate


i was food poisoning – I got food poisoning

stomach/tummy:  the organ in your body that helps to break down the food.

ex:  A few days ago I got food poisoning, the spicy food hurt my stomach. 

ex:  I have a tummy ache/  I have a stomach ache. 

ex:  I don’t want to go out, so please don’t upset me.  I am upset, so I don’t want to go out.

ex:  I have an upset stomach, so I want to go to the doctor.

it can lose your weight it can make you lose weight

appetite (app – eh – tight): the desire to eat.

ex:  I had a poor appetite. 

vomit/ throw up: 

ex:  The boy was sick, he vomited again and again.  The doctor helped him to get better. 

cramps:  the pains women get during that time of the month. 

ex:  Once a month I have cramps my tummy feels uncomfortable.  / My tummy feels sore.

sore:  when something hurts.

ex:  My tummy is sore.

ex:  My brother punched me, and now I am sore. 

punch: to hit something. 

ex:  The little boy also liked to punch girls.

ex: (past)  When I was a young girl, my boyfriend frequently punched me. 

expired:  past date,

ex:  The boy drank the expired juice, then he got food poisoning. 

ex:  The deadline has expired.  The deadline will expire at midnight. 

ex:  The boy drank the expired juice, he now feels upset so he wants to throw up/vomit.

work benefits:  holiday pay, medical insurance, sick days, christmas bonus.

flavour (flay – vor): 

ex:  The juice was expired, so the flavour was gross.

ex:  The juice was fresh, so the flavour was delicious. 

ex:  Chinese cooking uses peppers to enrich the flavour of food. 

eyebrows:  the hair above your eyes to make you beautiful. 

eye lashes: the hair on your eyelids/ eyes.