F2F Class Notes 15th March (Jesse)


coming to you live from (place)

“______ is coming to theatres near you soon”

crossroads – a time where change is expected soon

pivotal time for ADP as we reflect on = a pivotal time for ADP and is a time that we are also reflecting on…

i am a teacher. as part of that job, i need to talk a lot.

….. talking a lot is part of that job…



stream (v / n)

eg. i love to stream movies on pptv and i think streaming is so much better than downloading.

one of the SSL files contains the year 2015 instead of 2016

but till this morning I called Connie who totally hasn’t been informed by anyone of them. as of this morning and based on my call with Connie, she still has not been informed by anyone yet

Anyone is maybe only one but any of them could be more

ensure = make sure

And help us to make it more open and smooth to ensure timely solutions

strict – lots of rules / strong treatment

eg the future is not as strict as the past