F2F Class Notes _16th Mar (Harmony)

fun:  something that is enjoyable. like –  watching a movie, singing, swimming. 

hobbies:  something you do for fun.  something that you do all the time for fun. 


go forward/ go straight : to tell the driver to continue driving.

turn left/ turn right:  Please turn left/right

Furniture Exhibition:

Hello, do you have a catalogue I can take?

Where is your factory located?

What materials do you use?

Do you have a location in China?/ Do you have an agent in China?

Can I have your business card (name cards)?

Do you have a website?


Do you have any sales?

Do you have anything discounted?

How much is this?

S  – Chinglish – “size s”  – proper English – “Size small”

M – proper “ size medium”

L – proper “size large”

XL – proper “size extra large”

can i try this clothes – Can I try these clothes on?

Fitting Room/ Changing Room/ Dressing Room:  the room in a clothing store where you can try on the clothes. 

ex:  Where is the dressing room?

where the payment – Where can I pay?

Cashier: the person who takes the payments.

ex: Can I use my visa card to pay the cashier?

ex:  where is the cashier?

Types of Payment:

  • Visa
  • Cash
  • Credit Card (visa, mastercard, american express)
  • travellers check
  • Debit card (union pay card)

Is this tax free?

Duty free

Shopping Mall/ Shopping Center

Where is the best shopping mall?

Where is the best restaurant? 


How many people?

I need a table for 4.

4 people.

Bill/ Check: mai dan.

ex:  May we please get the bill?

ex:  Could you please bring the bill?

ex:  I would like this dish.

ex:  Can you bring me some water please?

take away – to go

ex:  Can i get this to go?

ex:  Can I take this away?

ex:  Can you pack this up?

ex:  Could you give me a cup of coffee to go?


check in/ check out

ex:  Do you have free wifi?

What is the password?

Do you have free breakfast?

What time is breakfast?

Where is it served?

Do you have a free bus to…?

Where is the swimming pool?

Blanket:  the warm material that you put over your body in your bed.

ex:  Could you give me more blankets?

towel:  a large piece of material to dry your skin with.

ex:  Can you give me a towel for swimming?

Excuse me, I forgot my key in my room.  Can you help me?  I am in room number___.