F2F Class Notes _15th June (Harmony)



photographed (verb):  having a photo taken.

Eg.  Someone photographed me while I was sleeping.

healthy baby boy = the baby is a boy, and it’s healthy.

Decade:  ten years

Eg.  I have two good friends which I met a decade ago.

Fertility (ferr – till – ih – tee):  the state/quality of being fertile.

Eg.  I think my classmate’s who wasn’t pregnant for many years, she went to a fertility clinic.

Fertile (ferr – tyle):  able to have produce children/plants.

Eg.  She was not fertile, so she couldn’t have a baby.

Eg.  If you want to grow corn, you need fertile soil.

Initially (in – ih – shull – ee):  at first/ at the beginning.

Eg.  If you want to get a good score initially, you should pay attention to your lessons.

2013 – two thousand (and) thirteen/ twenty thirteen

IVF- in vitro fertilisation:  making a baby outside the body, then planting it in the woman.

Frail:  delicate/breakable/ weak.

Eg.  In the summer as the weather gets/is very hot I always feel frail.

Conceive: to get pregnant

Eg.  When I wanted to conceive, my husband stopped smoking.