F2F Class Notes _15th Jun (Harmony)

It’s awesome and tiredit was awesome and tiring.

That’s tiredthat’s tiring/ that made me tired


Climate – the weather in a region, 气候


“May I have some water?”

“Where is the bathroom?”

Check/Bill:  the receipt for the food, tells you how much to pay.

Eg.  May I have the bill?/ Can we get the check?

“is this together? Or separate?” = together/separate bills please.


“Where can I find the sunscreen?”

“Do you carry sunscreen?” = do you stock/ do you sell

“did you bring sunscreen, and can I use it?”

Asking for a discount: (north America): only when the item is slightly damaged.

Eg.  You want to buy a shirt, but it has a small hole in it.

“Can I get a discount because the shirt has a hole?”

Do you have any sales on right now?

Can you tell me how to go that placecan you tell me how to get to _____?

Can you help me to find ____/ I’m lost please help me find my hotel./ Can you point me in the direction of the closest bank/restaurant/bathroom.

**if in north America, find a starbucks or a gas station to go pee.

Check in/Check out/ Baggage store:

I need to check in please/I need to check out please/ Can you hold my bags for the day?/ Can you store my bags for awhile?

Please delay my check out timeplease may I have a late check out.

Can I book another night?


Fan:  an electric device that blows air around the room.

“my room is really hot, can I please have a fan?”

our air conditioning isn’t working; can we please switch rooms?

Blanket: the long cloth to keep you warm at night.

Eg.  Can I please have another blanket/May I have another blanket.

Can I have some more pillows?

What time is breakfast at?/ Where is breakfast served?

Can I order room service?/ How do I order room service?