F2F Class Notes _14th Mar (Harmony)

motivation: providing reason to act in a certain way, or the desire to accomplish something.

ex:   Giving an employee a raise is good motivation for them to work hard.

ex:  I don’t have a lot of motivation on the weekends.

I’m not care about promotion – I don’t care about promotion

do more works – do more work

strict:  when someone has a lot of rules that you have to obey.

ex: My family has very strict rules.   

don’t like me to go back home late – doesn’t like me to stay out late

for social with my friends – to be social with my friends

to get along well: to play well with each other, or to be polite to another person. 

go for a trip – take a trip

business trip: a trip that you have to take for your work.

ex:  My boss told me you need to take a business trip next week. 

would fight me would get angry at me

take her phone – take her phone call

allowance: an amount of money that parents would give to a child to spend.

ex:  I didn’t get a lot of allowance when I was a child.