F2F Class Notes _14th Apr (Harmony)


Hereditary (hair – ed – I – tare – ee)

it runs in my family 

  1. baldness is hereditary and comes from your mother’s side of the family

sickness/ disease/illness

ex:  This illness is from my mothers side of the family

dyed (die – d)

curling iron:  the tool to heat your hair and make it curly.

Solve:  to answer a problem.  OR to find the the answer to a problem

Grade:  a score


Extinct:  when a person/place/thing does not exist anymore.

Ex:  People are worried that the panda will become extinct.

Ex:  Many kinds of animals are extinct.

Dinosaur (dino – sores): large animals that have been extinct for a long long time.

Fungus:  a mushroom plant, or could be a mold

Scientists (sci – en – tists)

Spread: to sretch out, or distribute over a large area.

Ex:  The bad cells spread quickly through/in your body.

Ex:  I like to spread peanut butter onto my bread.

Banana has a variety type, but some type of bananas are becoming extinct by a fungus.  The scientists try to protect the bananas types.   – Bananas have a variety of types, but some types of bananas are becoming extinct by a fungus.  The scientists are trying to protect this type of banana.

Interact:  to be able to spend time and talk with other people.

Ex:  It is good for children to interact with other children.

Ex:  Fans hope they can interact with Mario, Zelda… – Fans hope they can spend time with Marios, Zelda..

Resident:  a person that lives/ or belongs to a city/neighborhood/ country.

Ex:  I am a resident of Shanghai.

Ex:  I am an original Shanghainese resident.

In japananse, Nintendo company will building a theme park of Nintendo characters, they think in the world we have other theme parks of hello kitty and Disney, and harry potter they want building this park for nintendos fans. – In Japan, Nintendo company will build a theme park of Nintendo characters.  They think the world has other theme parks of hello kitty, Disney, and harry potter so they want to build this theme park for Nintendo’s fans.