F2F Class Notes 14th April (Jesse)

up sh*t creek (river) without a paddle – i’m f*cked

you’re a sucker – you believed something

fall for sth 

gullible – sb who believes things easily even when the things are hard to believe for most ppl

innocent – neutral (lack of experience / wisdom)

naive – negative (age / experience)

ignorant – very negative (intelligence / education)

swear word – any word that is considered too strong for general audiences

bail / bailed on us – they left us alone

i bailed out – i jumped out

i bailed – i left quickly

flaked – to cancel plans at the last minute

to bail sb out = to get sb out of jail <— original meaning

bail me out = get me out of this difficult situation

don’t die on me

depend on / rely on

suck / sucks 

eg. you suck! = you’re bad

ace / nailed – do sth perfectly

nailed it! – do sth perfectly but often used sarcastically

called – orl…|

corrl da cab

caught – or |


loe ow en