F2F Class Notes _13rd Mar (Harmony)


Bury:  to put something into the ground.

elk:  similar to a deer, a larger animal with bigger antlers.

bison/buffalo: large animal with thick fur and horns. 

santa claus/ father christmas:  the fairy tale person who delivers presents to good children at Christmas. 

ex:  Most children believe Santa Claus is real. 

reindeer: the type of deer that father Christmas uses to deliver his presents.  They pull the sleigh. 

ex: I have never seen a real reindeer. 

protected animal :  an animal that it is illegal to kill

wild animal: an animal that is free, not owned by someone. 

pet: an animal that someone owns, and feeds at their house. 

what is your country?what country are you from?

beaver: an animal with a thick fur that lives in water, and cuts down trees with its teeth.  Has a long flat tail. 

ex:  A beaver looks like a big mouse. 

ex:  A beaver will cut down trees with its teeth. He will chew on the tree.   

canadian goose: a large bird that is black and white, and a long neck.  lives mostly in Canada.

ex:  Canadian Goose is a goose who can fly. 

gut:  the insides of an animal, like the organs or stomach. 

ex:  Chinese people can eat some animals guts.  It is very great. 

when I was childrenwhen I was a child

I don’t know where her is – I don’t know where she is/ if she is alive

take a pet – have a pet

responsibility: something that you have to take care of, or ensure it is accomplished.  Your duty. 

ex:  Having a pet is a big responsibility.