F2F Class notes 9th June (Christian)

Tomorrow I go study English= Tomorrow im going to study English

Describe= explain something
Shiny= reflective
Eg: your bag is shiny.

Arched= a curved shape
Eg the bridge is arched over the river

Leaves= the flowers on a tree
Trunk= bottom part of tree connected to the ground
Branches= the part of the tree that carry leaves

Bald= no hair
The man has a bald head!

Beard= the hair on a mans face
Eg: jesse has a big beard.

Q: What are your plans this weekend?
A:My plans this weekend is to go to the gym, because I want to keep fit.
Q: What about you?
A I will talk to my mum, we havnt spoken in awhile
That sounds good, is that all?

Q What do you do at the gym
A At the gym I like to run and swim.

QWhen did you start swimming?
A I started swimming about five years ago.

How often do you go swimming?
I go swimming four days a week

Do you go swimming alone?
No, I go swimming with my sister

Who is better at swimming?
My sister is better than me, I think.

Ocean= a big sea

I don’t go swimming in the ocean= I havnt been swimming in the ocean
I want to go swimming in the ocean in the future

I don think scared= I don’t think I will be scared

I don’t say to them= I don’t tell them, it’s a secret
When I swimming in the ocean I tell them= when I go swimming in the ocean ill tell them

I don’t tell them go swimming no go to ocean = I don’t tell them I go swimming now because im not swimming in the ocean now.

Why don’t you tell them that you go swimming here in Shanghai?

Enjoy= have fun , like it very much