F2F Class Notes 9th August (Celeste)

frugal ( froo gull ) adj. – doesn’t want to spend a lot of money

cheap adj. – same as frugal (negative)

spend /spending / spent / will spend: money on

Maybe that’s why we have some arguments.

That’s why I am a little bit crazy. I feel tired these four days. She will leave tomorrow morning.
I feel tired these four days.
I feel/am tired these past four days.

My bad. = My mistake. My error.

There have = BAD BAD BAD

There is / There are
There isn’t any food.
There aren’t any apples/bananas… (sth plural)

Do you know…?

It’s spicier to you.  – It’s spicier than mushroom hot pot.
It’s too spicy for you.

numbing ( numming ) – when sth makes you not feel sth

eg. The sichuan hot pot is numbing my mouth.

I want to see it on the big screen. (native)
I want to see it in theaters/cinema.

Let’s go to the movies. (native)