F2F Class Notes 8th November (Celeste) [3]


Olivia’s Halloween Party

Olivia’s school had a Halloween party on last Friday. She got up earlier that morning and was very happy because she could wear her Snow White costume for the party. She selected the dress by herself. It was a blue puffy dress with short sleeves and a white collar, there was a red bow in front of the collar and a long red ribbon tied on the dress. The skirt was made with yellow mesh.

Everybody got dressed up to become / turned into different roles/characters for the party, they dressed up like/as pirates,witches and princesses. Some children also put on strange masks at/for the party. They carried jack-o-lantern buckets / trick or treat bags / candy bags to ask every teacher for candy. The students shouted, “trick or treat.” The teachers would put their candy into every child’s / student’s bag. All of them enjoyed the festival very much.


One teacher is a man from America. Olivia likes this teacher very much because he can make the class very very lively and all the children like this teacher very much. Another teacher is a woman from China but this teacher is very patient with children. Every student must speak English to their Chinese teacher on WeChat every evening.


One teacher is an American man/guy. All the children like this teacher very much especially Olivia because he makes the class very very lively. The other teacher is a Chinese woman and she is very patient with children.  Every evening, every student must speak English to her on WeChat.


There is a lot of grass. – There is a big area/place/space/field/yard to play.

very very – rather /extremely

lively –  entertaining / energetic / interesting / enthusiastic