F2F Class Notes 7th November (Selma)


Half past 5 =  five thirty (5.30)

Traditional Chinese Calendar

New Year’s broadcast – the show that is broadcasted nationwide on the New Year’s Eve

汤圆 – dumplings made out of glutinous rice, served in a type of soup; traditionally eaten for Chinese New Year in the south of China


e.g. Children will play with fireworks.

Inner/Middle/Outer Ring Road (Shanghai)

Time-consuming  – take up a lot of your time

e.g. Selma thinks her Chinese classes were very time-consuming.

年年有余 – Chinese expression, used during New Years Celebration, that means that you wish someone more and more fortune/money  every year

福到了- when you put the character 福 upside down, you will use an expression “Fu Dao Le” that uses the similar pronunciation for 倒/到, as the one that means something has arrived. But, this Dao means something is hanging upside down.

倒了-  means something is hanging upside down


In the middle of the December


glutinous – glu+ti+NUS