F2F CLass notes 7th June ( Christian)

What a person she is= What type of person is she

How did she take it= she took it well

Texture= The feeling of a surface
Eg: It had a strange texture.

Hand made= made by hand
Eg: I like your shirt/ thanks it was handmade in japan.

Ancestors =your family from a long time ago

Viable; Feasible = possible/ can be done
Eg: This method is viable for us as we have done experiments in order to indentify its success rate.
Eg: I want your thesis by the end of the day/ sorry that’s simply not feasible.

You get a better future= you’ll have a better future

Rough= not smooth

Camel= A creature with one or two humps on its back that store water and fat

Hump day = Wednesday/ mid working week

I am= tom shadyac

GMO,s = genetically modified organisms

Homework: Living off the grid? Example of self sustaining home, Where in China is it viable and why?