F2F Class Notes 7th July (Jesse)

how are you?
I’m fine, how about you?
1. I’m great / I’m very good
2. I’m good / I’m pretty good
3. I’m fine / I’m ok
4. I’m not great / I’m not that good
5. I’m bad / I’m not good

who was your teacher yesterday?

What teachers do you remember?

What did you learn yesterday?

now no. – now, I don’t have a phone but I had a phone before

before < > after

don’t have – mei you dongxi
eg. I don’t have money
haven’t – mei you zuo
eg. I haven’t played football

yum cha – zao cha / dian xing

i got up at 10oclock, and then I brushed my teeth, and I had breakfast at 10:30. I eat dumplings, it’s nice. I did my homework at 11oclock and then I watch tv at 11:30 2 hours.

i got up at 10oclock which I think is too late, and then I brushed my teeth which I think was fun, and I had breakfast at 10:30. I ate dumplings which were nice. I did my summer holiday homework at 11oclock and then I watched tv at 11:30 for 2 hours.

How long do you have class for?
I have class for 2 hours

who – describes a person
eg. I have a student who is called Jerry

which – describes a thing
eg. I have a computer which is Apple.

fun – makes you excited / happy
funny – makes you laugh