F2F Class Notes 5th-6th July (Jesse) ***

___ ago < > in ____
eg. i lived in Japan 6 years ago for 1 year and I will go to Japan again in 6 months.
eg2. I lived in Japan for 1 year, which was 6 years ago.

40 / 30
I arrived here 3 minutes ago, at 2:40

On time = arrive right at 2:40
In time = I wasn’t late, I arrived before the time.

Spend – use time / money

How long did you spend on getting here?
I spend 1 hour on getting here / I spend 1 hour to get here

Take – sth uses your time
How long did it take for you to get here?
It takes 1 hour to get here from home by bus

bright < > dull – how light it is
eg. the sun is really bright

strong < > weak – how hot it is
eg. the sun is really weak during winter

in the morning / during the morning

in a company / at a company

they can help me with my English – “help me with sth”
they can help to improve my English – “help to do sth” / “help me to do sth”
eg. Apple will help to fix it

fix – xiu
broken – huai le
eg. my phone is broken so I will fix it

natural – zi ran

foreigner – wai guo ren

dumb / stupid – ben
smart / clever – cong ming
silly / childish – sha / ke ai

I think the rain will stop quickly / soon

soon (kuai) / later (wan yi dian)

Today my mum tell me wake up then cook food for me which is tasty. my mother cook noodles and vegetable. She first fried oil then added vegetables, wait for about 5 minutes, added salt. Finished vegetables after she cooked noodles.

Today my mum told me to wake up and then cooked some food for me which was tasty. my mother cooked noodles and vegetables. She first fried oil in a wok, then added vegetables, and then after about 5 minutes she added a little salt. After she finished the vegetables, she cooked the noodles.

to – reason – to d0
because – reason – sentence
because of – reason – noun
and – and
so – result
but – but

wok – guo
pan – ping di guo
pot – sha guo

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