F2F Class Notes 6th July (Celeste)

New Phrases/Words

I am melting. = It’s boiling outside.

zit n. – pimple, blemish, acne, blackhead, whitehead


difficult ( di fi cuuullll t ) *** please remember to move your tongue for the ‘l’ 

visited ( vi zit tid )

i = sit, hit, bit, fit, traffic

pimple  (pim pull) people (pee pull) > can you pull the door open?

long th (push) – this, that, them, they, the

short th (lighter) – thank you, month, moth, thin

*** please remember to stick your tongue between your teeth (for long th and push)

alphabet ( al fa bet )
ee > see, bee, fee
ea > eat, beat, easy
e _e > Pete

a _e > cake, bake, make, take


Obama also visit this restaurant.
Obama also visited this restaurant.
Obama has also visited this restaurant.