F2F Class Notes 6th January (Tony)


an eye for an eye – do the same thing to the criminal, that they did to to the victim.

eg: “Justice can not always be an eye for an eye. Because sometimes we make mistakes with evidence.”

room temperature – chang wen de – not hot or cold.

eg: “It’s normal for Americans to drink room temperature water, even straight from the faucet.”

steamed – to cook above hot water,

eg: “Steamed vegetables are probably the healthiest cooked thing you can eat.”

John Doe – an unidentified male.

eg: “The criminal could not be found, so he remains a John Doe.”

crooked – not straight

eg: “My tie was crooked in the picture.”

American Junk food – Processed foods, Potato Chips, Cookies, Candy Bars, Sugary drinks and juices,

American Health food – Kale, Broccoli, Steamed vegetables, lean meat, Quinoa, Salmon, Salads


commit a crime

committed suicide

vegetables swimming in oil

he never worries about his ipad getting stolen

know someone (personally have met them and talked) I know a guy who lives in New York, we have been friends for a long time.”

know of someone ( know who someone is, but probably never met them)

I know who Trump is, but I don’t know him. I know of Trump, but I’ve never met him.


Texas – Tecks-sus