F2F Class Notes 6th February (Jesse)[W]***


eg. my health status is good = i am healthy
eg2. the status of the report, is pending. = the report hasn’t been started

the main activity was eating
what we did every day was eat / eating 
all i do every day is eat 

he is eating

to eat is good
the person is good

tired / tiring
eg. I’m tired
eg2. he is tiring so I’m tired.

bored / boring 
eg. he is boring, so i feel bored

annoyed / annoying
eg. sometimes I think my boss is annoying, because he always calls me to ask me what I’m doing

sorry if I am annoying you = sorry for making you annoyed

frustrated / frustrating 
eg. learning a language can be frustrating … I get frustrated very easily

“at least i had good intentions”

in my mind what I think / in my opinion / from my perspective / from my point of view 

nothing can be recalled in my holidaythere was nothing special in my holiday / there was nothing memorable from my holiday / nothing of note  

family are familiar
a little the same = similar

cannot say very hard – i didn’t do it very hard 

frequently / constantly
consistently – the intervals are similar

I’m not doing this very frequently 
I’m not actively job hunting every day
I’m not performing this activity every day
waving my hand is an action that means “hello” or “goodbye”


jealous – pr – jel es 

tea – tee


in wechat – on wechat 

on a piece of paper / on TV / online / on the internet / on wechat
in a book / picture / in a photo

fill in (write inside) / fill out (finish)
figure out / flesh out / work out = finish feeling (grammar)

i’m not familiar to them familiar with them

there is / there was / there has been / there had been

I have travelled to Australia = past general (don’t say the time)
I travelled to Australia = past specific (say the time)
I had travelled to Australia before then. = past of the past (before sth else in the past)
eg. Jesse had arrived 3 hours before Catherine arrived / Jesse had been here for 3 hours before Catherine


Homework (Class on Jan 27th)

One day, my friend Peggy asked me if I would like to go out with them for a party. Firstly, I said NO to Peggy because I prefer to at home. However, when Peggy said some handsome guys would go to the party and it’s possible to know one to have a romantic meeting. I changed my mind.

I went to the party independently, which had begun for a while. I found someone who I was familiar to, so came to them to talk with each other. Later, I saw Peggy came to me and around her, there was a man I didn’t know before. Peggy introduced him to me, he was friend of Peggy’s brother. His name is Jack.
Jack had a good look, which gave me a good impression when I met him firstly. But after talking and further observation, I felt down that he was vain and liked to having knock offs, and I cannot bear his pride to boast of his fake watch consistently. His way to ask me out was impolite, too.

I did mantra to myself; “calm down, do not angry, it’s in the public” In the end, I drank up my beverage and took this opportunity to finish this conversation.
I needed to find something to pick me up.