F2F Class Notes 6th December (Celeste)


Annie visited the temple in Xizang that had many statues of Buddha.

elevation n. – the altitude of a place above sea level or ground level

eg. Xizang is at a higher elevation than Shanghai.

eg. Shanghai has lower elevation, it is lower than sea level.

go  by plane / go by train / go by bus / go by car / go by horse-drawn carriage

eg. You can go there by horseback. = you can ride a horse

nonstop flight = direct flight

one way flight – from one place to another

round trip – from one place to another and back

stopover = layover n. – while traveling a short stop in another city before you reach your destination

swimsuit / bikini 

eg. Annie has a black swimsuit.

Blue Lagoon is very shallow, not very deep.

The wind was very strong.

intern n. – person who works for little to no money to gain work experience

internship n. – thing, any period of time during which a beginner acquires experience in anoccupation, profession, or pursuit

eg. Celeste was an intern in France, she had an internship at a bakery.

smush (native) = smash

flower vs. flour