F2F Class Notes 5th March (Tony)


more fun than

it’s really fun

riding a roller coaster is fun

have my own business/shop

funny – make you haha(laugh), something very unusual/strange

eg: “my friend is really funny, he always makes me laugh

stable – not move or change easily

eg: “A job at the airport will be stable.”

hang out – to meet some friends and just spend time together, do something or nothing

eg: “I’m going to hang out with my friends later.”

entertainment industry – movies, theme park (Disney)

travel industry – airport, hotels, travel agency

medical industry  – related to doctors, hospitals, medicine

medicine N. – a thing you eat/take when you are sick/ have a cold

eg: “Take some medicine if you are really sick.”

Writing exercise

Original –

Yesterday.I met a person.I think he was proud and rude,Maybe he think he was handsome enough so he can did that.He had very large superiority felling that made me feel bad.Yesterday had a perfect weather,I think I can played with my friends,but meet he I had no mood, Maybe was me reason I didn’t know enough about he or I made he feel bad.But it’s ok I forget he now,it’s so lucky we are not friends.


Yesterday, I met a person who was proud and rude. Maybe he thought he was handsome enough so he can be like that. He had a lot of arrogance and that made me feel uncomfortable. Yesterday the weather was perfect, I think I could get together/hang out with my friends, but after I met him I had no mood to do anything. Maybe it was because of me, I didn’t know enough about him or I made him feel bad. But it’s ok, I forgot him now, it’s a good thing we are not friends.


Write about when you went to the theme park.