F2F Class Notes 5th December (Tanya)


to feel blue – to feel sad

e.g. Whenever any my friends leave Shanghai, I feel blue.

telepathic – people who are telepathic can read other people’s minds

e.g. Some people are such good friends that it seems like they’re telepathic with each other.

vulnerable – being vulnerable means that you’re in a position where it’s easy to hurt you, where you’re sensitive

e.g. When you meet new people and you try to be friends, you’re often in a position where you’re very vulnerable.

sense of something, e.g. sense of adventure – your instinct or preference for adventure

e.g. Moving from Qingdao to Shanghai really shows that Cynthia has a good sense of adventure.

small fish in a big pond – you’re a little person in a big “world” (Shanghai), you don’t mean that much or your impact isn’t that big

big fish in a small pond – you’re a big person in a small “world” (Qingdao), you have a lot of impact in this small world

freaking out – going crazy, being very worried or hysteric about something

e.g. Cynthia is only 26 and she is already freaking out about her age.

thesis – final paper that you have to write for your master degree

e.g. Cynthia wrote her thesis about smart clothing.

to collaborate – to work together

e.g. The fashion department and the computer department collaborated to design smart clothing.

prototype – the first model of something (not finished)

e.g. Cynthia only made the prototype for her smart sweater.


to must know each other – to get to know each other

I’m feel bad – I feel bad 

the opportunities for my working are not very good – the job opportunities are not very good

I didn’t know where I will go – I didn’t know where I would go

I know your meaning – I know what you mean 


humidity hu mi dey ti