F2F Class Notes 4th May (Celeste)

teapot pigteacup pig

teapot – where we make the tea

teacup – where we drink the tea from

ex: We make the tea in the teapot, then we drink the tea from the teacup.

he works near here. 🙂

How was your business trip? What did you do?


We went to Zhoushan island  for two days. We eat fish which was steamed and clams. We have a deep seafishing. My managers very like it. He got a big fish but I didn’t get anything but I’m very happy because I try. Because it’s my first deep seafishing. After we seafishing we are back to the island and have a lot of seafish and include fish and clams.


We went to Zhoushan Island for two days for a holiday vacation. We ate fish which was steamed and clams. We went deep seafishing. My managers really liked it. He got a big fish but I didn’t get anything but I was very happy because I tried. It was my first time deep seafishing. After we went deep seafishing we came back to the island and had a lot of fish and clams.

very like = Chinglish

I really like it.

I like it a lot.

I love it.

clams – shellfish

ex: I like to eat clams and fish.

ex: Clams have a very pretty shell.

deep seafishing – when you take a boat out to sea and fish

ex: Liam went deep seafishing with his colleagues.