Open F2F Class Notes_4th May (Harmony)

He is not well, and he will be well he’ll be well soon/ he is getting better


Cough:  when you make noise with your lungs, due to illness, maybe smoke, bad air.

Ex:  I have a cold so I cough.

A Cold:  a type of illness where your throat is sore and you might have a cough and a runny nose.


Throw Up:  when your stomach isn’t happy and the food comes back out your mouth. 

Ex:  Somebody who likes to eat, but he is afraid of getting fat.  So after he eats, he will throw up


You had a day off work?

  • Yes, it was a holiday!

I learn English style is not suited meThe style of English learning was very difficult


How are you?

  • I’m fine, and you?
  • I am okay, thank you.
  • Same old, same old = so so, everything is the same.

Friend asking – you can be honest (tell the truth)

Professional asking (like your boss) – just say “I’m fine thank you, and you?”

What’s up?/ How is your day going?/ Long time no see!

De-sexed:  a surgery to stop pets from breeding (from making babies).  (Getting snipped)

  • Male Pet – Neutered
  • Female pet – spayed


In the month I studied English in smart english center.  I find my learning style too fast.  I haven’t time to remember ling English words. So I decide to write simple sentence and read some English book.  This way is very suited me. I bought a book that have many situation dialogue.  At first, I want to learn greeting, because the communication start greeting.   Good staring is a half of success.


Last month I studied English at smart english center. I found my learning style is too fast. I don’t have time to study English. So I decided to write simple sentences and read some English books. This way is very suitable for me. I bought a book that has many situational dialogues. At first, I wanted to learn greetings, because we communicate first with a greeting. If we have a good start, we are half way to success.

Good starting is a half of success. = Chinglish