F2F Class Notes 4th March (Tony)


they have two locations

Subway is the biggest restaurant in the world, if you count it by the number of locations.

if you want have a KFC franchise you need to invest about 5M RMB.

I haven’t talked to him

my parents recommended 

to be polite, I accepted

franchise – renting the name of the company and selling their products.

eg: “In N’ Out Burgers never franchises, because they want to maintain the quality of their food.”

fell apart – something didn’t happen the way you wanted it to

eg: “That idea was so bad that it fell apart before they even started doing it.”

snorkel – a tool used to help you breathe and look underwater at the same time, from the surface

eg: “I wanna go snorkeling.”

redundant – unnecessary repetition.

eg: “My cat is a three year old cat.” Saying cat twice is redundant. “There were some redundant policies in our company, but our new boss eliminated them.”


Summarize the article, in no more than six sentences.