F2F Class Notes 4th March (Tony)


field – an area of employment, a kind of work

eg: “What field do you work in?”

a kind of – a group of people or things that belong together or have some shared quality

eg: “Chickens are a kind of bird.” “Apples are a kind of fruit.” “What kind of food do you like?”

plan V. – something that you will do, you decided to do this.

eg: “I plan to go to Taiwan next week.”

What are your plans (n.) for later today?

I plan (V.) to stay home.      I will stay home.      I don’t have any plans (N.) later.

What does that mean?

playing games is a waste of time.


soup – suup

soap – soHp

colleagues – Call leegs

Writing exercise

Tell me what you will do at work on Monday.

Original –

Monday morning I will go to JLL have a meeting. And come back to company I will write the finance report. College together have lunch and afternoon I will go to the tax government. Lunchtime I will go shopping with colleges.


Monday morning I will go to JLL to have a meeting. Then I will come back to our company. I will also write the weekly finance report. I will have lunch with my colleagues, then in the afternoon I will go to the tax authority. During lunchtime I will go shopping with my colleagues.