F2F Class Notes 3rd March (Raph)


Wife (n): 1-  the woman that you are married to.
E.g.: Michelle is Jeff’s wife.

Husband (n): 1-  the man that you are married to.
E.g.: Jeff is Michelle’s husband.

Fiancé (n): 1-  the man who someone is engaged to be married to
E.g.: Have you met Christina’s fiancé?

Fiancée (n): 1-  the woman who someone is engaged to be married to
E.g.: He met his fiancée when they were in high school.


Verbs = actions =  anything that you do:
E.g.: to stand, to sit, to spin, to dance, to love, to live, to laugh, to like, to go, to do, to be, to date, to marry, to travel, to run, to jump, to play, to study, to have, to leave, to stay, to enter, to come, to pass, to speak, to learn, to take, to get, to forget, to drink, to eat, to buy, to write, etc.:

Nouns = name of a person, thing, animal, place, etc..
E.g.: boat, chess, trophy, truck, train, Michelle, Jeff, Jesse, Judy, Celeste, Raphael, computer, desk, monitor, table, book, pencil, Kevin, teacher, Shanghai, China, America, Australia, England, Mary, chair, notebook, apple, pear, banana, ring, pillow, flower, orange, plant, tree, strawberry, watermelon, Youlande, pen, Africa, hands, fingers, hair, etc.

Pronoun = words that we use instead of a noun:
E.g.: I, you, he, she, it, we, they, my mine, her, his, him, them, etc.

Adjective = words that describe a noun or a pronoun:
E.g.: beautiful, ugly, new, old, big, small, huge, tiny, great, hot, cold, freezing, nice, mean, terrible, amazing, good, evil, pretty, bad, shiny, colorful, soft, rough, etc.