F2F Class notes 3rd June (Christian)

Before we think a lot about position= Before we thought a lot about position  

How money we can earn= How much money we can earn

Priorities : things that are important

Eg: I will exercise before I go to sleep, its one of my priorities

I don’t care this= I don’t care about this

I enjoy to take some Christian friends= I enjoy making new Christian friends

Materialistic: putting high value on material objects such as cars, clothes, money

Eg: I don’t care about materialistic things now.

Toxic= something bad for you

Eg: I had to get rid of my old toxic friends.

Squats- lower body exercise (homework)

Push-ups- upper body

Skipping rope/jump rope- Rope that you jump over for fun or for exercise.

Discipline= Being corrected, told what to do, and what not to do.

Eg: Children need some discipline to know what is correct and what isn’t correct.