F2F Class notes 3rd June (Christian)

Costs me= cost me

Really want to work on today= something you want to practice

I cant memory= I cant memorize

Eg: Im very bad at memorizing numbers.

You teached him=you taught him

Like that the weather= When the weather is like that

I stay at home= I stayed at home

Eg: I might stay at home tonight. Yesterday I stayed at home.

Suggest me= suggested to me.

Eg: Doris, can you suggest to me a good cinema to watch the new X=men movie?

Routine: something that happens regularly.

Eg: I need my daughter to have a good sleeping routine.

My compound has a gym

Compound= The area


Shout-to make a loud sound using your mouth

eg: when we argue there is a lot of shouting.

Flew = past tense of fly.

eg We flew to spain last year.