F2F Class Notes 3rd December (Selma)


expression:  I literally barely made it to the plane.

  1. I was the last person to board the plane, and even that happened right as they were closing the door of the plane. – You are implying that if you were 5 seconds late, you would have missed your flight. You are actually telling the truth. 
  2. You had a short layover, which made you come to your gate very quickly , and you were among the last people to come to the gate and enter the plane – but there was still very little chance you would have missed your flight even if you came 5 minutes later. You are exaggerating a lot. 

to have some rest – to spend some time not doing anything in particular so that your body recovers

e.g. Doctor told Eliot to have some rest.

to have a break – spending a short time doing something different from what you were doing before the break and what you will continue doing after the break.

e.g. While having my break I was constantly thinking about the work that was waiting for me.

to induce (v) – to be caused by something

e.g. People can experience quite a lot of exercise induced stress/stress caused by exercising.