F2F Class Notes 30th November (Tony)

Should have – something that was supposed to happen, but didn’t happen eg: “I should’ve gotten off work at 5 but I got off at 7.”

I should get – I should take something for me eg:

“I should get movie tickets, because my girlfriend and I will go to the cinema this Sunday.”

I should have gotten off – I should be off work… eg:

“I should have gotten off at 5pm, but I got off at 7pm.”

I should have gotten – I wanted to get it before – eg:

“I should have gotten warmer clothes before I went to Harbin.” “I should have gotten a house several years ago.”

I got something – I received something eg:

“I got a new car, because my old one broke down.”

I got to do something – I was allowed to do something – eg:

“I got to go home early today because I finished all my work.”

I get – I become, I usually take, obtain or receive eg:

“I get angry if I don’t have dinner.” “I get some jiaozi(dumplings) for breakfast every morning.” “I got a little prize because I finished a project at work.”

I have gotten – I became before, I took or received before eg:

“I have gotten sick from eating street food.” “I have gotten optical training in Beijing with my colleagues.”

because i needed to finish some tests


several – Seh Vral

Should have – She De – I shoulda (should’ve) went to the store.