F2F Class Notes 30th November (Celeste)***


Write a story about what your goals are for your listening, speaking, reading, and writing for the next 3 months. Focus on making long sentences with 2 ideas. Try to use “also”.

eg. How much do you want to improve?

eg. What can you do to improve?

Listening Goal:  wants to reach .5 improvement

Plan: try to watch some easy English movies and music to improve listening (eg. Friends)

Speaking Goal:  wants to reach 4 out of 5 points


Reading Goal:  wants to reach 3 out of 5 points


Writing Goal: wants to reach 5/5



language ( lang – gwij )

environment ( N – VI – urn – mint )

method ( meth – thid ) – *** push hard on the ‘th’


I like – I like it. / I like this/that. / I like them. / I like pronunciation and speaking.


also (adverb) – in addition to, as well as, too, besides

eg. I want to go for a walk. I also want to eat ice cream. = I want to go for a walk. In addition to that, I want to eat ice cream.

eg. I will go to the store today. I will also go to SE.

2nd Edit

Like many Chinese people, learning native English is surely not easy for us. Before, my English was so poor especially for pronunciation and speaking as I did not have a good language environment to improve it. I almost always communicated with others in Chinese even at work.
I remembered that I didn’t even know what to answer when teachers asked simple questions when I came to SE and was rather nervous to speak out. SE is a good place to study because of its Face to Face model which is the main reason I chose here. All teachers, especially Jesse and Celeste, teach me very patiently. I usually/mostly book Celeste’s class / I book Celeste’s class most of the time. At the beginning, Celeste helped me correct my pronunciation especially “r” and “l”. It was not easy for me at that time and I felt bored and crazy. She also did 5 minutes of very slow pronunciation practice with lots of mouth movements every class. Because of the pronunciation practice, this did help me very much and I started to like reading.

The 3 step class study method is really useful for me. In the first step, I told a story in the class and then Celeste corrected it for me. I read the corrected story and Celeste would correct my pronunciation. In the second step, she would review and upgrade the vocabulary to a higher level, so I learned new vocabulary and grammar in this way. In the third step, I would retell the story again and Celeste would teach different sentences.  In addition, sometimes I was given homework to write a story, this helped me improve my writing very much.
It has been more than three months since i came to SE. I feel more confident to speak out and now I like studying English more than before. Thanks to all the teachers that helped me improve my listening, speaking, reading and writing and I am willing to spend more time learning English in the future.