F2F Class Notes 30th December (Tony)

because I went to paris for a business trip

it got out of control

keep it in control

someone fell


trampled – to be stepped on by a lot of people or animals rushing around

eg: “Sadly some people were trampled by others trying to get money.”

new year’s eve –  Dec. 31st

New year’s day – January 1st

interferenceadditional signals that weaken or block the main signal

eg: “The interference stopped me

touristy – too many tourists in this place

eg: “The touristy places of the great wall are too crowded.”

signal – xing hao, if your phone can have service or not.

eg: “I can’t get a signal in here, so I’ll have to wait to call them.”

recipe – list of all the things you need and how to prepare them to make some food or drink.

eg: “A cake recipe is pretty simple, just mix eggs, flour, water and sugar, then bake in the oven.”

are over it – no longer care about a problem or bad situation

eg: “I’m over it, it doesn’t bother me anymore.”

move on – to forget about the situation and begin a new one

eg: “I know you are sad that you lost your job, but you need to move on and find a new job.”

San Francisco recommendations: 

  1. Golden Gate Park, Flower Garden
  2. Land’s End (A cliff near the beach, with a  very good view) Sunset Beach, Camera Obscura (Huge camera that you can walk inside of, closes before 5pm)
  3. Baker Beach, North of Land’s End, great view of Golden Gate Bridge
  4. Glen Canyon Park
  5. Muir Woods (Redwood trees, very very tall trees) Across the golden Gate Bridge.
  6. Capo’s Pizza. (In China Town) Make a reservation, call ahead and reserve a table. Order “Quatro Forni” means this pizza was cooked in four different ovens.”