F2F Class notes 2nd July (Eddie)

fatal = deadly – non-fatal = not deadly

fatal accident = at least one person died in this accident

fatality = one of the people who died

to injure vb = to hurt
n = the effect of being injured: a broken bone, a ruptured muscle etc

to survive vb = to escape death
E.g. He survived the crash, but now he was afraid that the sharks might eat him.

survivor n = a person who survives

E.g. There were no survivors as a result of the crash.

legend n                 = a story, often very old, about heroes, monsters, gods etc
legendary adj      = the subject or part of a legend

E.g. Bruce Lee is a martial arts legend. Bruce Lee introduced his legendary fighting style around the year 1978.

hear          = ability
listen        = interest

see              = ability
watch        = interest

I just came back home after spending three months backpacking across Europe.

I just came back to Shanghai after spending two weeks in Yunnan and Inner Mongolia.

should =/= have to