F2F class notes 29th June (Christian)

Condemn= dont approve , dont support

eg: I condemn the use of bad words in my house.

eg: I condemn smoking inside

Condone= approve, support

eg: I condone your actions as they were in the benefit of the company.

eg: I condone my cat sleeping on my bed…sometimes

heinous= very bad/ evil

eg: These heinous crimes should be punishable by death

Injured= To be hurt

eg I want to play basketball but i injured my ankle so I cant play this week.

eg: I injured my head trying to walk in the dark.

pron: injured= INjud

Dozen= twelve

eg I want a dozen eggs please

Threat= An aggressive gesture or action 

eg: If you dont do your homework you cant watch tv- thats a threat.

eg I dont care if you are bigger than me, you cant threaten me

wounded= hurt/ injured

eg I was wounded by a crazy dog

eg:I was wounded by a car that didnt stop at the traffic lights

beefed- up = To make bigger/stronger

eg: Have you been lifting weights? you look like youve beefed up a little

eg: My son has beefed-up because hes eating a lot

Objective= a goal, plan

eg my objective is to complete my tasks as soon as possible.

object (noun) = an item/ thing\

eg what is that object on the table?

object(verb)= To disagree with something

eg I object to being called British, im English!