F2F Class Notes 29th April (Lina)

My job is insurance broker – I work as an insurance broker

Go around to shopping – Go around shopping

  • I like to go shopping
  • I would like to go shopping

I am too quicklyI am too quick

  • I speak too fast
  • Do I speak too fast?
  • Am I speaking too fast?

So you are a foreigner company – So you work for a foreign company


It is the third insurance broker companyis in the world – It is one of the top three insurance companies in the world

Or. It is the third insurance company in the world

I can imagine what is your job likeI can imagine what your job is like

Fide – find

Accomplish – pronunciation a ccom plish

Complete – to finish

I understand that you have a lot of projects to complete in a short amount of time

I don’t have the emotion to get ItI don’t have the motivation to get it

Scenery – pronunciation

Local hostel – we stayed at a local hostel instead of a hotel