F2F Class Notes 28th June (Peter)

Jerry 6.28.16 Vocabulary To ask for directions – 问路 Left – 左 Right – 右 Go straight – 一直走 Turn – 拐 Next to – 在旁边 Temple – 寺 People’s Square – 人民广场 Then – 然后 Finally – 最后 Close – 近 Far – 远 Intersection – 路口 Dead End – 死路/末路 Minute – 分钟 Disney – 迪士尼   Grammar When we use the word turn (拐), we put the direction after it. Ex. Turn right (右拐).   Phrases How do I get to [second place] from [first place]? – 从 [第一个地方] 到 [第二个地方] 怎么走? How long does it take to get to [second place] from [first place]? –从 [第一个地方] 到 [第二个地方] 需要多长时间?   Pronunciation Straight (strayt) Temple (TEMP-Il) Intersection (IN-ter-seck-shin) Minutes (MIN-its) Disney (DIZZ-nee)