F2F Class Notes 28th April (Celeste)

Homework: Review 1 week of class notes.

Sit down, please. = Have a seat.

Have a seat. It will be a moment.

Have a seat, I will be with you in a moment.

wait a second /wait a minute / wait a moment

ponytail –  hairstyle for all girls and women with long hair

ex: Most of the time, my hairstyle is a ponytail.

pigtails –  hairstyle, usually for little girls, 2 smaller ponytails

ex: When I was a child, my hairstyle was pigtails.

most of the time = usually, 70-90% of the time

all the time = 100% of the time

dog – puppy

cat/kitty – kitten

ex: A kitten got in a car accident.

pig – piglet

horse – foal ( f O il)

chicken – chick

duck – duckling

lion/bear/tiger – lion cub/ bear cub / tiger cub

Review 4/27:

baby dog = puppy

theme – parties, clubs, parks will have a main idea

ex: My party’s theme is a beach/jungle/ocean theme.

My party is for a graduation

My party is for a company promotion.

My party is for my manager’s company promotion.

My party is for my company promotion.

cloth/cloths = fabric/fabrics = material/materials

ex: I like to wear clothes which are made of the wool cloth.

ex: The actresses like to wear different fabric clothes everyday.

ex: The material is very expensive and from China.

wool – please remember the ‘l’ at the end, stick your the tip of your tongue in between your teeth