F2F Class Notes 27th November (Peter)

Corrections (original – corrected)

My shoulder is pain – my shoulder hurts

It was made by plastic – it’s made from plastic

I’m not very like the Christmas tree, I like the decorations – I don’t like the Christmas tree itself, but the decorations

I have to found a clean place to put my tree – I have to make space for the tree

Someone (plural) – some of them


Vocabulary 词汇

Stigmatization – the belief that a certain thing is bad

Ex. In the West, there is stigmatization of tattoos and piercings.

Hunk – a very good-looking man

Ex. That guy is a hunk!

Allergic – 过敏

Ex. I’m allergic to shrimp.

Bead – a small ball, usually made from wood or glass and for the purpose of jewelry.

Ex. I bought a bead bracelet at the mall yesterday.

Shift – the amount of time worked in a single day, usually for a part-time job

Ex. Today I work an eight hour shift.

Incompetent – unable to do one’s job correctly

Exclusive – when talking about a group of people, unwilling to include a new person in the group

Paper clip – the small bent piece of metal wire used to join papers together

Grammar 语法

When agreeing to a negative statement, we should “me neither” instead of “me too.”

Ex. I don’t like seafood! –Me neither.

Ex. I hate seafood! –Me too.

Expressions 成语

We use the phrase “passive aggressive” to describe an action or person that does not show their aggression directly. For example, aggression may be shown with a rhetorical question or with a contradictory gesture.

Ex. “I know you really like to listen to your music, but I think some people need to wake up early tomorrow.” (Meaning: please shut up so I can sleep.)

Pronunciation 发音

Decoration (deck-or-AYE-shin)