F2f Class Notes 27th March (Rab)

Emperor – the leader of an empire, like a king

Ex. I visited the palace of the ancient emperor in beijing

Familiar – you know a thing well, you know a lot about a thing, you have a close relationship with something
Ex. I am very familiar with the training content
Ex. He is familiar with the presentation work

I am very familiar on my mind with that place – I am very familiar with that place

Dense – thick and compact, close together, full
Ex. The city of London is not as dense as shanghai
Ex. The girls hair is very dense

Ex. Shanghai is very densely populated

Compact – to make smaller, to push inwards/together
Ex. I need to make my luggage more compact to get is inside my suitcase
Ex. I need you to compact all this information into one document

They are very democracy – they are very democratic

Must be learn English – must learn English

Lingua franca – the language used to communicate in an international arena

Ex. English is the lingua franca in most international companies

The student will be choosed – the student who will be chosen – the chosen student – the student who they chose (cho-z)