F2f Class Notes 27th March (Rab)

The picture was tooken – was taken

Triangle – a shape with three sides

Peak – the highest point, to reach the highest point
Ex. The peak of the mountain. Has a beautiful view of the valley
Ex. My energy peaked at about midday and now I am really tired

Cottage – a small country house
Ex. There is a small cottage in the centre of the image

Attic – a room above the house under the roof
Ex. We keep all of our old clothes in the attic

Evergreen – trees that are green all year round
Desiduous – trees that drop their leaves in autumn and grow new ones in spring

Bush – a short tree 
Hedge – a short tree that runs in a line 
Hedgerow – a row of hedges

A big grass – a lot of grass
A big grassy feild
A big feild full of grass

Tree trunk – the main branch
Ex. I love to try and hugs tree trunks and see if my arms can go all the way around

Tree bark – the skin of a tree
Ex. The bark of this tree is silver and shines in the sun

Bench – a long chair often outside
Ex. I am going to take a rest on the bench beside the tree