F2F Class notes 27th June (Christian)

most plane are safe – Most planes are safe

it will broken – It will break


eg One of the benefits of my job is free round the world tickets

eg I get great benefits from the stock exchange

we have met in- we met at 

 trust-worthy= you can trust them/him

eg My friend is very trust-worthy.

easy going- laid back

eg: I had to tell my friend that he couldnt come on the round the world trip with me, he took it surprisingly well, I guess hes more laid back than I thought.

kind- empathetic 

eg: I had to be empathetic when telling my brother our dog had ran away- when really it had died.

unreliable- cant trust them to do anything

eg I hate having to wait for him, hes so unreliable.

Eg: I knew he wouldn’t come, hes so unreliable.

determined- work hard towards a goal.

eg: I was determined to be the first in the FIFA tournament.

eg: im determined to become manager one day.

sociable– like to be around people, talking etc

eg: I like to work with sociable people.

meticulous- high attention to detail

eg: my work requires me to be meticulous.

homework: list of qualities associated with > introvert/ extrovert quiet person/ loud person 

talkative  – talks a lot

eg: Lex is very talkative.