F2F Class Notes 27th February (Celeste)[W]***


Write a story using the new vocabulary below. Focus on your grammar! Upload your writing to the website.

Writing exercise

Can you move the chair with armrests to the doorway?
Michel’s father can make a chair with armrests by of wood.

One person
What’s the price for one person for to play a game?
For one person for to play a game it is RMB 218.

I sold my yoga book to my friend.
She wants to sell her make the cake. – She wants to sell her homemade cake. / She wants to sell the cake that she made. / She made a cake that she wants to sell.

Michel lost a traffic card when we walked in Kyoto. – Michel lost his/a transportation card when we were walking in Kyoto.
I need to save my money to the bank card. – I need to put my money/cash in my bank card.


deer n. – lu

eg. There were many deer on the streets in Nara.

fence/s ( fen – sizz ) n. – metal material around a garden or animal etc. to protect sth

eg. I didn’t see any fences in Nara because the Japanese like nature.

feed / feeding / fed / will feed v. – to give food to sb/sth

eg. I need to feed the baby.

eg. The Japanese government wants to allow (uhh – lao) the tourists buy the feed food to the deer. – The Japanese government wants tourists to buy the deer food and feed the deer.

transportation card ( trans – perr – tay – shin )