F2F Class notes 27th August (Eddie)

What is it like outside? / What’s it like outside? = It’s a bit cloudy. It’s a little overcast.

headphone jack = the

charging port = the hole in a phone where we plug the charging cable in

the 32 Gb / 32 G model = the thirty-two gigabyte model

1Gb, 2 Gb = one gigabyte, two gigabytes

Can I please have five 64Gb iPhones, please? I have a large family.

Can I please have five sixty-four gigabyte iPhones, please. (no s in gigabyte, as here it acts as an adjective)

10th anniversary of the iPhone

1 contact lens, 2 contact lenses =

blurry vision = imperfect or poor vision, as in the case of someone who wear glasses but take them off.


The rain drops landed on his glasses and blurred his vision.

model = version

preset = established or decided before

planned obsolescence = 计划报废
If you don’t have the latest technology, people look down on you.

Money is the root of all evil.

More money, more problems.