F2F Class Notes 27th April (Celeste)

best friend – I will go on a trip to a new location with my best fyriend this weekend.

period – Last trip I went to Bangkok, I had my period. I think maybe this month when I go to Xiamen I will have my period. So, I hate it.

glasses – I want to buy new glasses because my old ones are broken.

toothpaste – We use toothpaste to clean our teeth with a toothbrush.

mouthwash – liquid to rinse our mouth

ex: We use mouthwash to freshen our breath and clean our teeth.

blow dryer / hair dryer – I need to use a hair dryer to dry my hair because I don’t want a cold.

comb – Grab the comb and comb your hair.

towel –  Everytime I go to the gym, the staff will give me a towel.

lotion – Everytime you take a shower you must use lotion to hydrate your skin.

sink – I wash my hands in/at the sink.

ex: When we remodel our bathroom, we will need to buy a new sink, bathtub, shower, mirror, and toilet.

shower – Today, I took a shower.

bathtub  – I like to use a bathtub to relax my body. / I like to use a bathtub for relaxing.

mirror – Every girl likes mirrors.

soapSoap cleans our bodies.

certificate / qualification – You need a certificate/qualification to go scuba diving.

loofahLoofah is a thing to help clean your body.

pajamas – I want to buy a Hello Kitty pajamas for me.

slippers – In the summer people like to wear slippers.

bathrobe – If you are in the hotel, you  can wear the bathrobe.

facial – If you go to Korea, you can buy some face masks for your facial.

sensitive – adj. to describe when something is not strong or tough

ex: My skin is sensitive when I use new creams.